Why is electrical equipment occasionally situated on private land?

Electricity is generated at power stations and then distributed by regional Distribution Network Operators across the UK. To enable Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) to supply and  distribute electricity to homes and businesses throughout the UK, it is sometimes necessary to place electrical equipment such as cables, poles, and pylons on private land.

Electricity is distributed using various forms of equipment including:

  • Pylons
  • Poles
  • Powerlines
  • Wires or cables

In return for having the equipment within their property boundary, a homeowner can claim compensation under the Electricity Act 1989.

Rights for electrical equipment are often granted through either a wayleave, which is a personal agreement between the DNO and the landowner, or an easement, which is a permanent right written in the deeds of the property.

If you would like to find out more about wayleaves and easements, please read our latest blog post here.

Would you like our help to claim compensation?

With our 24 years’ experience in negotiating property compensation claims on behalf of UK property owners, we are best placed to help you to get the compensation you are owed for the devaluation caused to your property.

Our claims process is simple

With Thomson Broadbent, the claims process is straightforward and hassle-free, and we do all the leg work on your behalf.

This includes:

  • Land Registry Checks
  • Inspections (if necessary)
  • Valuations and Submissions of a Claim
  • Chasing the DNO on your behalf for regular
  • Formal review and negotiations of offers
  • Instruction of solicitors and reporting
  • Reviewing agreements
  • Chasing your payment

Why choose Thomson Broadbent?

  • We are R.I.C.S. regulated, meaning we work to the highest international standards in the valuation, management and development of land, real estate, construction, and infrastructure.
  • We have 24 years’ experience in property compensation claims.
  • We have negotiated property compensation claims on behalf of 90,000 UK property owners.
  • We take care of the entire process on your behalf, including submitting all the necessary paperwork and chasing the network provider.
  • There is no upfront cost to you whatsoever to start the claim process.

Want to speak to a member of our team?

For more information, please feel free to contact a member of our dedicated team by emailing enquiries@thomsonbroadbent.co.uk or calling 01536 264101.

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