What to do about HS2


Debate continues to rage in Westminster on the likely cost of the proposed HS2 Rail Link (current estimate is £42.6bn and rising – with Phase 1 London to Birmingham coming in at £22.2bn + £8bn contingency) and property owners along the proposed route through the Midlands are looking to fight the governments flagship transport initiative with a class action involving mass representation.

Once the route has been formally safeguarded, the provisions of statutory blight apply. It is important to note that statutory blight is only relevant where land is required for the construction or use of the railway. Should that be so, then a case can be brought for the property to be compulsorily acquired in its entirety. Any land or property owners who think they may be affected by HS2 should take action now to find out the extent to which the proposed route will affect them.

Thomson Broadbent is currently involved in advising a number of home owners and businesses likely to be affected by HS2. Our work with home-owners affected by the HS1 (the Channel Tunnel rail link) demonstrates our ability to act in a consultative role ahead of building and completion programs and, although claims for residential dwellings should be relatively simple, those for commercial premises and farms will be more complex. They will need to consider business losses and disruption.

Rather than wait for lengthy legal processes involving untried class actions, we advise those who feel their property may be affected by the proposed HS2 route contact us now.

Call us on 01536 264101 for independent, expert advice from the UK’s leading RICS regulated property compensation surveyors.


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