The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) are a global professional body promoting and enforcing the highest international standards in the valuation, management and development of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure.

RICS set out the rules of conduct for professionals and practice expected of all RICS members, students, trainees and regulated firms. A link to the RICS Rule of Conduct can be found here.

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The Broadbent Group are regulated by RICS and we uphold our professional standards by complying with the RICS Rules of Conduct and following the five ethical standards promoted by RICS:

  1. Act with integrity
  2. Always provide a high standard of service
  3. Act in a way that promotes trust in the profession
  4. Treat others with respect
  5. Take responsibility

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You can find out more on what it means to be RICS regulated and how companies, like those within The Broadbent Group, follow these guidelines. RICS – website Thomson Broadbent Wayleaves Thomson Broadbent Chartered Surveyors Ferguson Broadbent

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