Thomson Broadbent expertise makes the difference in HS2 Blight Notice settlement


Thomson Broadbent LLP, the UK’s most successful RICS regulated property compensation experts have recently helped one grateful family move out of their property sitting in the middle of the adopted route for HS2.

The Goss family were one of a number of property owners living in a tiny hamlet close to Lichfield in Staffordshire who were alerted to the impact of the route for the high speed line.

The family were keen to remove the uncertainty HS2 was creating on the businesses they ran from home and to make firm plans for the schooling needs of their young children. They felt the only answer was a rapid move to a new property.

Working in exclusive arrangement with Thomson Broadbent (HS2 Ltd will only deal with one representative appointed to act on behalf of property owners) a Blight Notice was duly served on HS2 and subsequently accepted.  It is worth noting that The Goss family were one of the first property owners in the UK to have an HS2 Blight Notice accepted.

Following acceptance, negotiations took place with the appointed HS2 surveyors to arrive at a mutually acceptable value for the house, taking into account all consequent losses/expenses incurred in the move to the new property.

A difficulty with this particular case was that Mr Goss ran his businesses from home and his trade reputation had grown from a loyal, local customer base.  Accordingly, possible trading losses had to be considered and formed part of the negotiations.

As a result of these sensitivities the case was involved and took some considerable time to progress. There were various issues which arose during the course of the negotiations which needed to be handled timely and with care and sensitivity.

Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of Thomson Broadbent team and a good working relationship with the HS2 surveyors and the HS2 Ltd staff, all the pieces of jigsaw were eventually fitted together in often demanding timeframes.

This case confirms how Thomson Broadbent’s unrivalled experience and RICS regulated surveyors can develop beneficial and constructive working relationships with the professionals invol

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