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Land Compensation Act 1973 Part 1 Claims

Part 1 of the Land Compensation Act 1973 provides that compensation can be claimed for residential property that has been reduced in value due to physical factors such noise and pollution caused by public works, even though no land is acquired.

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Electricity Power Line Compensation Claims

It is possible to seek compensation (as a one time only payment) for the impact of overhead electricity cables and pylons on the value of a property if a pylon is on your land or the lines do, or are able to, physically cross your land (for example in high winds).

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Land Acquisition Compensation Claims

In the event of your property becoming subject to a proposed or actual Compulsory Purchase you need expert advice. Thomson Broadbent are the UK’s leading property compensation surveyors providing professional regulated advice and guidance at a critical time.

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Property Blight Applications

The legal concept of blight is much misunderstood. Neighbours will often complain of “blight” when a controversial development is perceived to have an impact on property values. We can consider the options available to you and challenge the project promoters.

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