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HS2 Compensation

Thomson Broadbent is currently involved in advising homeowners and businesses affected by HS2. Now that the government has given the green light to HS2 in its entirety (February 2020) Thomson Broadbent can assist with those properties currently affected and those which may subsequently  be identified during the re-consideration of Phase 2B – the route from Crewe to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds. Any land or property owners who think they may be affected by  should act now to find out the extent to which the proposed route will affect them.

This means property owners affected in the area defined for HS2 can now compel the company to purchase their property and seek compensation.

All or part of your property must be required for the railway and be identified within the safeguarded area on the safeguarding plans.

Owner occupiers of houses are eligible to serve a Blight Notice compelling HS2 to acquire your home. Commercial properties up to an annual rateable value of £34,800 are also eligible, as are agricultural units which include a dwelling.

If a Blight Notice is accepted the compensation will be the value of the property, ignoring any blighting effects of HS2, a home loss payment of 10% of the unaffected value up to a maximum of £47,000 and removal costs, stamp duty, surveyors fees, legal costs etc. If you wish to move, a Blight Notice should be served as soon as possible.

We have already submitted Blight Notices for a number of our clients who had particularly pressing needs and these have been successfully negotiated with HS2. The clients have now moved to a new property with all associated costs reimbursed.

Our costs for negotiating a fair and comprehensive compensation package are paid by HS2 and this means you can have your claim dealt with by RICS regulated Chartered Surveyors and there will be no costs whatsoever payable by you, for this service.

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Safeguard Plans

Identifying areas in grey will be subject to compulsory purchase.
With other areas likely to receive compensation in the future (when built).