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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my claim take? 2020-01-10T14:36:19+00:00

Most claims take between 24 and 48 months to complete. However, this timescale can be affected by factors outside our control, such as budgetary constraints of the distribution network operators. We appreciate that it’s a long period of time, which is why we start the process as soon as we receive your form, and we chase the network providers every step of the way to make the process as quick as possible. After all, we don’t receive a fee until you do.

What type of payment will I receive? 2020-01-10T14:36:13+00:00

We can negotiate one of the following on your behalf (depending on the network):

  • Easement: An ‘easement’ is a one off, lump sum payment for the network provider to have permanent rights to the equipment written into the deeds of the property.


  • Wayleave: A ‘wayleave’ is a termed agreement, much lower than an ‘easement’ in value but doesn’t grant permanent rights to the network provider. Therefore, the agreement would be terminated upon sale of the property, and the new homeowner can then apply.
How much will I receive? 2020-01-10T14:36:08+00:00

The receivable amounts in both cases depend on a variety of factors, for example, the type of equipment or the distance to the property. Each case is individually assessed and negotiated by one of our experienced surveyors as part of our commission. The amount paid by the network provider in most of our cases is between £1,000 and £25,000.

Why should I appoint Thomson Broadbent? 2020-01-17T12:29:33+00:00

Thomson Broadbent works exclusively for homeowners and is entirely independent from the network providers. With over 23 years’ experience, we are a leading RICS regulated utility and infrastructure consultancy having represented over 70,000 homeowners. Our experience allows us to easily handle the negotiation process with the network provider’s surveyors, taking into account legal and valuation precedents in order to achieve the best possible outcome. We provide the following services inclusive of our fee:

·         Land Registry Checks

·         Property Inspections (if necessary)

·         Valuations and Submissions of a Claim

·         Chasing the network providers on your behalf for regular updates

·         Face to face negotiations of offers

·         Instruction of solicitors and reporting acceptances

·         Reviewing deeds to check for miscellaneous terms

·         Chasing your payment

What if I think there is an existing agreement? 2020-01-10T14:35:57+00:00

We will carry out the necessary research to see if the permanent rights have already been granted by a previous owner. If they have, we will inform you (providing a copy of the Deed where possible) and close our file at no cost to you.

What if I sell my property? 2020-01-10T14:35:50+00:00

If you sell your property before your claim is completed, the right to negotiate a new agreement will pass to the new owner and no charges will be incurred for the work carried out.

How do I get started? 2020-01-21T10:17:06+00:00

You can complete the form by clicking here or alternatively if we have sent you a form please complete and return it so we can start the process on your behalf

Who can claim? 2019-02-08T14:38:36+00:00

Owners (including landlords) of any residential property provided they own the subject property on the day the scheme officially opens (the Relevant Date) and on the day the claim is served.  The property has to be occupied on the day the claim is served.

When will my claim be submitted? 2019-02-08T14:41:13+00:00

Normally claims can only be served after the first and before the seventh anniversary (sixth anniversary in Scotland) of the Relevant Date. If an interest in a property is disposed of (transferred or sold) during the first year after the scheme opening then your claim needs to be submitted before the transfer is completed as the right to make a claim will pass once the property has been disposed.

What is the basis for compensation? 2019-02-08T14:41:43+00:00

Compensation is payable to homeowners in respect of the loss in value of the property caused by noise, dust, pollution and artificial lighting arising from the use of  the new works.

How much will it cost me? 2019-02-08T14:42:13+00:00

Our commission is up to 20% plus VAT of any compensation negotiated.  Please note our fee is not due until the compensating authority has paid your compensation.  If the claim proves unsuccessful we confirm that we bear all the costs and you will have NOTHING to pay.

Why should I appoint Thomson Broadbent? 2019-02-08T14:42:44+00:00

We have successfully negotiated compensation for over 40,000 homeowners affected by a variety of transport and utility infrastructure schemes. Thomson Broadbent is the UK’s leading RICS regulated residential property compensation consultancy.

What if i have a mortgage? 2020-01-21T10:32:02+00:00

If the property is subject to a mortgage then the rules require the compensating authority to obtain your lender’s permission to pay the compensation directly to you.  Very occasionally a lender may request that the compensation is used to reduce the mortgage balance, however, we have only known this to happen when the account is in arrears.

Can I appoint more than One Agent? 2020-01-21T10:31:31+00:00

The compensating authority will only accept one claim per property and will only deal with one Agent. Please note that by appointing more than one firm to represent you can significantly delay the processing of your claim. As a general rule, the first appointed Agent is the one which will see the claim through completion, any others will normally withdraw in favour of the first appointed Agent. However, some firms reserve the right to charge for abortive work.  If you cannot recall whether you have already appointed an Agent please call for further advice.

How do I proceed? 2020-01-21T09:37:22+00:00

If you would like us to act on your behalf, please complete the enquiry form on the Road, Rail and Airport page.