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Electricity Power Line Compensation Claims

It is possible to seek compensation (as a one time only payment) for the impact of overhead electricity cables and pylons on the value of a property if a pylon is on your land or the lines do, or are able to, physically cross your land (for example in high winds).

It is your right to claim power line compensation for the devaluation of your property caused by the electric lines. Under current legislation (the Electricity Act 1989) you are entitled to claim even if the lines and pylons were there when you bought the house.

We will survey your property, ascertain whether the Electricity Company has been granted these rights by a previous owner and if not, submit your claim to the company concerned on your behalf. Once an amount of compensation is agreed between all of the parties, the electricity company instruct their solicitor to issue the legal document called a ‘deed of grant’ which both parties will sign.

We work on a no-win, no-fee basis so if the claim fails for whatever reason there is no charge to you whatsoever. If the claim is successful we charge a small commission agreed in advance.

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