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I/we appoint Thomson Broadbent to act on my/our behalf in accordance with the following terms of engagement:


Terms of Engagement

1. I/we instruct and appoint Thomson Broadbent Property Compensation Ltd (“the Company”) as sole and exclusive agent for the full duration of the claim process to negotiate a new wayleave or easement agreement in respect of the presence of overhead power lines, poles, pylons, fibre optic cables, stays, transformers and/or other equipment which is currently situated on my/our property.
2. I/we agree to pay the Company a contingent-only success fee equal to 20% plus VAT of the consideration received by me/us in respect of the new wayleave or easement agreement if the consideration exceeds £100.
3. I/we acknowledge and understand that the company will use and store my/our data as stated in the Privacy Policy Notice.
4. I/we acknowledge, understand and accept the Company’s Terms of Business which I have read and which I understand form part of the contract between us.